Monday, July 31, 2006

Guest DJ Mix: DJ Jolie

~DJ Jolie~
A decade of Djing has been Jolie's passport around the world. DJing in some of London and the UK's top clubs since 1995. Jolie Won the prestigious award for ‘Best DJ' at the UMA's in December 2003 and in March 2006 was voted one of the top 10 UK Female DJ's in the Top 100 Female DJ's poll and placing her at a very respectable 36th worldwide.

November 1999 was Jolie's first international gig in Vienna, Austria. This set the ball rolling for a musical journey to France, Spain, Amsterdam, Norway, Italy, USA and India.

Jolie has been a popular choice of DJ in Germany, playing regularly at some of the most exclusive parties in Mannheim, Munich and Hamburg. She has recently returned from an almighty set at a private party on a farm in the Desert of Wafra in Kuwait. Jolie is the first female DJ to ever play in Kuwait, and future bookings back in the city are not far off.
Her tough funky beats and sassy style is enough to get any dancefloor rockin' , anywhere in the world.

Check out Jolies web site for more details.

Many thanks to Jolie for letting me host her mix.

This mix was recorded live on Matt 'Jam' Lamonts Kiss 100 show a few years back & this is one of my favourity's. If you like the bumpin garage sound of London, this one is for you!

Matt 'Jam' Lamonts Kiss 100FM with guest DJ Jolie March 2000


Mix is in MP3 format at 80kbps
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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Legendary Producer Series: (Soulfuric!)

it’s a 30 trk mix compilation, I put together.
This is just my own tribute to one of my favourite production teams of all time.
The MP3s are 128kbps so its at least a decent sound,
plus artwork is included if you want to burn them onto CD
for play in your car or stereo.

Enjoy the mixes


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Soulful Session)!!


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DJ Mix

Did this mix for the Luke Twins
(Website) on their radio shows Soul Connecttion FM & Pressure earlier this year. Link & tracklist are below Enjoy the mix :)

The tracks highlighted are links to Online Music Stores were you can purchase the tracks in MP3 format.

~Tracklisting (Artist/Track/Mix)

1. The Beard feat Amma “Keep Hoping” (Jay J’s Dub)
2. Definitive Swing feat Ruby Red “Take You There (M-Sols Vocal Mix)
3. Groove Junkies feat Solara & Raya Beam “Deeper” (Classic Vocal)
4. Masterbuilders “Blend” (Jazz N Groove Retweak)
5. Masterbuilders “Everything Is Alright” (Original Mix)
6. Masterbuilders “ShowBiz” (Definitive Swing Dub)
7. H20 feat Billie “Nobody’s Business” (Euro Vocal Mix)
8. Backroom Sounds feat Ellen “Deep Inside” (Original Mix)
9. Dennis Ferrer “Dem People Go” (Mahoota Remix)
10. Belladonna “Ebatule (DJ Uovo Remix)
11. Andy Holder “Culture” (Original Mix)
12. DJ Jorj “Brazil Horns (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
13. Grooveman “Musica” (Sunshine Mix)
14. Sam Lyons “Back To London (Original Mix)

Mix is in MP3 format at 80kbps
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Remix News! - July 06 (part 2)

Out now on respected up & coming label Soulfunk Digital
Text quoted from Soulfunk Digital

Out Now!
Danny Clark Presents Heart 'N' Soul
"Feel It In Your Soul Pt 2" (Andy Holder Mixes)

July 2006

Due to the massive success of the original mixes we have decided to give you another dose of "Feel It In Your Soul" courtesy of Andy Holder. He comes up trumps with a deeper approach and extremely useful tools for the more adventurous dj's.

Click Here To Listen & Buy MP3!

~For soulfunk digitals website, click the link

Remix News! - July 06

Out now on respected up & coming label Soulfunk Digital
Text quoted from Soulfunk Digital

Out Now! Erik Dillard " U R The 1"
The Andy Holder Remixes.
July 2006

Erik Dillard provides the vocals for this exquisite, emotional gem. Andy Holder takes charge of remix duties. Combining groovy basslines, crisp beats and seriously hot keys. The Dub Mix throws in some tasty sax lines, whilst keeping all the slickness of the club mix. This is gaining heavyweight support from the dj community and expect to be grooving to this all summer.

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Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote) – June 06
Thanks for the link guys.... absolutely love this track. Dub mix for
me.... superb!!! Full props to you for this one.... support all the way.
R :)

Joan Ribas (ibizasoulstice) – June 06
Thanks for the music bro. Good release man. Excellent Andy Holder production,
I love Graced Out Dub, I will play it on my radio show
at Ibiza Global Radio , HOUSE VIBES, everyday from 18h to 21h.
respect, Joan Ribas

Micky More (Thaisoul/Peng) – June 06
thanks for send ...Hot Production like it a lot...

Franco Martinelli – June 06
Here's my feedback for :
Erik Dillard - U R The 1 - Andy Holders rmxs
Personal Reaction : 7 / 10
Comments: Nice track, Andy Holders made a very good job, I will play and review soon .
Thanks for the music
Franco Martinelli

Sergio Flores (Defected/ Swing City/ Fluential) – June 06
I really like the tune, here is my official reaction:
"Very sweet & deep groover. Andy Holder Dub is my favourite. Full support."
Kind regards,

Ralf Gum (GOGO Music) – June 06
Thanks for the download. Here my feedback:
Good production. My fav is the dub. 6/10"

Patrick Green (Distant/deVICE/Traxsource/Deep Touch/Sofitone) – June 06
the Dub is for me. Nice one.

Christian Alvarez (Delecto) – June 06
Thanks for the hook up,
Feeling Andy's main mix, the reprise will also come in handy i'm sure. :)
Nice work!
Christian Alvarez

Paul Marshall – June 06
DUBlicioussssssssssssssssss, loving the dub of this track.
Good work Andy, - Soul Funk bringing quality again.

Steve Fox (soulbasics) – June 06
Nice-one Andy, another blinder for Soulfunk-Digital, well done to all involved!

Graham Sahara (the resident at Pacha in Ibiza) – June 06
like the dub mix of this track although i think its a very commercial vocal. The vocal mix is ok but i´m not so keen on the vocal, the dub is much better and i have been playing this on the radio and out a fair few times.
cheers for the tune, best wishes,

~For soulfunk digitals website, click the link

Unreleased Soulfuric Pressure!!!

Soulfuric Vaults Volume 1 (Unreleased Mixes): Various Artists
(Groove Junkies, Andy Holder, & MoD)
(Soulfuric.US) March 2005

Text quoted from Traxsource/Soulfuric

Even More Mixes from the Vaults....However these ones will never make it to vinyl. This will be the only place to get em!...Keep the funk ALIVE!

And for even more unreleased Action Get the Keep The Funk Alive - Andy Holder Acapella Re-Edit & Your Heaven - Andy Holder's Acapella Re-edit for the HBR bonus File!

Click Here To Listen & Buy MP3!

Soulfuric Open Up The Vaults!!!

Soulfuric Vaults Volume 1: Various Artists
(Lenny Fontana pres. Galaxy People,Groove Junkies, Orange Muse,
Andy Holder, Bongoloverz, MoD)
(Soulfuric.US) March 2005

Text quoted from Traxsource/Soulfuric

Soulfuric comes correct with more unreleased pressure from the vaults! Finally the extremly hard to come by Groove Junkies Edit of Galaxy People is here! On this one the Groove Junkies take the He Is The Joy vocals by Donna Allen and mix them with Lenny Fontana's Galaxy People. Anyone who has ever had the chance to hear and see this one smash up a dancefloor knows what I'm talking about!

Also On this EP Is Andy Holders Remix of Orange Muse's Keep the Funk Alive. A rare edit with big builds and vocal hooks that will leave you asking for more! This one has also not been availible until NOW!

And Finally rounding out the bunch is the also previously unreleased MoD Remix of the Bongoloverz - Power of Music, a deep journey into the power of music!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My First Solo Release!

Andy Holder presents Rhythm & Soul
"Nothing Like Jazz" (deVICE.US) December 2004

Text quoted from Traxsource/Soulfuric

Andy Holder brings something special for the Deep House heads. Bubbling over with layers of deep sounds and a Sublime vocal, the Underground is going to be all over this one. The Original Mix represents the fusion of Jazz and Deep House to the fullest, while Andy Holder's Rhythmic Soul Mix presents more of a groove. As an added bonus, the Jazzapella Mix will see its fair share of duties as a DJ tool. Tracks like this don't come around often.

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Robert Graf ( – December 2004
Hi that’s jazzy soulfuric style :-)
A must for my dj-sets!

Niall Redmond - December 2004
In the box/on the air/in the chart
Fave mix is the original.
This is such a good record, played it at the traxsource party last week and it went down a storm. The chords are nice and the vibe is great. Love it to bits. Up front pressure from me.
Rating 10/10

Dave Storm (Ceremony Records/Refunkt) - December 2004
Floor reaction: Filler
Personal reaction: Phat!
What mixes are you playing: Rhythmic Soul Mix & Acapella
Comments: Like the Atmospheric feel of the Rhythmic Soul Mix. Acapella is a good tool. Playing it on radio and in the clubs. Will chart.
Thanks for the plastic,
Dave Storm

Charles Spencer (Love Slap Records) - December 2004
Floor reaction: Bomb!
Personal reaction: Bomb!
Comments: Played on XM 80 radio show 24-12-04

Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly) - December 2004
"Smooth, likeable straight up stuff."

Jason Herd (Subliminal Soul) - December 2004
7/10 - "Nice."

CJ Mackintosh - December 2004
7/10 - "Andy's Rhythmic Soul Mix for me - in the box. Nice"

Tom Wainwright - December 2004
7/10 - "Both mixes are pretty strong on here - in the box. Nice"

Black Market Records - December 2004
8/10 - "Definitely for the shop!"

Craig Bartlett (L'america) - December 2004
8/10 - "Love it, just my thing"

Mark Anthony - December 2004
9/10 - "Sounds like a classy MAW meets Dimitri of Paris production. Definitely feelin the groove"

Gerald Elms - December 2004
8/10 - "Love it, really interesting. Has a broad appeal and certainly sounds different"

Russell Pollitt (Unique Distribution) - December 2004
10/10 - "From the first listen this track hit me with a bang, love the whole jazz feel - the piano keys, the bass line - this track has to be one of the best grooves i've heard all year."

Back In The Day Productions!

Was going through some old stuff a few days ago, and thought i would put some of my old production bits up. There all between 1999-2002, My starting out period
Check them out, i had a laugh going through them :)

All Tracks are in MP3 format at 96kbps

Note: clicking the links will take you to's play & download page. The play & download links are at the bottom of the page and take a few seconds to load before they are active.

~Soulglow Productions (aka: Rob Webster & Andy Holder)
1. The Rhythm Masters ft Joe Watson "The Ghetto" (Soulglow Remix) (Released On Black'N'White(2002)
2. Mon "Superlover" (Soulglow Remix) Black'N'White Unreleased(2002)
3. Soulglow "Ooh Are" (2002)
4. Soulglow "Titleless Track" (2002)
5. Soulglow ft Stacy J "All Bite Long" (Dub Mix) (2001)
6. Soulglow "Requila Starz (Released On Suite Art) (2001)
7. Soulglow "House Of Love" (2001)
8. Soulglow "Beyond Orion" (2001)
9. R. Webster & A. Holder "Bass Is Pumpin" (2000)
R. Webster & A. Holder "Instant Disco" (1999)

~Andy Holder Productions
1. "Saturday Nite Disco" (2001)
2. "What Ya Gonna Do" (2001)
3. "Body & Soul" (2001)
4. A.Holder ft Gifted MC (2001)
5. "Do You Love" (2001)
6. "What Ya Gonna Do" (Garage Mix) (2000)