Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back In The Day Productions!

Was going through some old stuff a few days ago, and thought i would put some of my old production bits up. There all between 1999-2002, My starting out period
Check them out, i had a laugh going through them :)

All Tracks are in MP3 format at 96kbps

Note: clicking the links will take you to's play & download page. The play & download links are at the bottom of the page and take a few seconds to load before they are active.

~Soulglow Productions (aka: Rob Webster & Andy Holder)
1. The Rhythm Masters ft Joe Watson "The Ghetto" (Soulglow Remix) (Released On Black'N'White(2002)
2. Mon "Superlover" (Soulglow Remix) Black'N'White Unreleased(2002)
3. Soulglow "Ooh Are" (2002)
4. Soulglow "Titleless Track" (2002)
5. Soulglow ft Stacy J "All Bite Long" (Dub Mix) (2001)
6. Soulglow "Requila Starz (Released On Suite Art) (2001)
7. Soulglow "House Of Love" (2001)
8. Soulglow "Beyond Orion" (2001)
9. R. Webster & A. Holder "Bass Is Pumpin" (2000)
R. Webster & A. Holder "Instant Disco" (1999)

~Andy Holder Productions
1. "Saturday Nite Disco" (2001)
2. "What Ya Gonna Do" (2001)
3. "Body & Soul" (2001)
4. A.Holder ft Gifted MC (2001)
5. "Do You Love" (2001)
6. "What Ya Gonna Do" (Garage Mix) (2000)


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